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Father God Part One

January 22, 2014 Leave a comment

Father God Part One


Is this yours?

January 11, 2014 Leave a comment

Is this yours?

This pictures that might be yours, if it is I pray you are encouraged as I was . .

A good while ago now I exhibited some behavior that I had to quickly apologise for – I know, amazing and you thought I was perfect too, ha ha. Being under pressure was no excuse. After this everything turned out very well, the Holy Spirit was present throughout the service, in the talk, sung worship, open prayer and inspired ‘words’. Anyway this incident kind of plagued me for some time afterward, until God gave me a picture. The picture was of a straight sided glass jar full of clean water. At the bottom of the jar their was a film of oily dirt. God took the jar and put it under the tap and turned it on full. The jet reached the bottom of the jar and dislodged some of the gunk, which floated to the top, then was quickly washed away. So the nasty ‘gunk’ briefly exhibited itself! Father God was saying to me, ‘look sometimes this is what happens, I forcefully pour in my Holy Spirit and it dislodges some muck in your life. Just before being washed away it can briefly show itself in some bad/unwanted behavior, so chill!’

What’s God’s and who we are . .
How quickly we grab as ours what God has given us! Why would God convict us of feeling and acting like this? Because He wants to take us back to the place where He first gave us whatever it was . . so He can give us more!

Let us not forget that possessing the baptism in the Holy Spirit means that that there must be an ever increasing holiness. People know when the tide is flowing; they also know when it is ebbing. How the church needs divine anointing. It needs to see Gods presence and power so evidenced that the world will recognise it. – Smith Wigglesworth

And Smith is so right! The moment we submit and see the Holy Spirit do something, a healing for example, it’s amazing! We must refuse the temptation that it was us. Where does that come from, that little voice, ‘look at me’, oh dear! A spirit of poverty is needed, a humble attitude that says, ‘I have nothing, my hands are empty’. The Holy Spirit will step in when we step out with a heart like this.

O Lord, maintain in us a right vulnerability, a right poverty, all combined with courage, where we expect that you and you alone will step in with the power of your Holy Spirit, Amen

Scripture verses

The light in the eyes [of him or her whose heart is joyful] rejoices the hearts of others, and good news nourishes the bones. Proverbs 15 v30

He satisfies all who love and trust Him And He keeps every promise He makes. Psalm 111 v 5