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Eagerly Desire

August 29, 2015 Leave a comment
Fix Your Thoughts

Before writing this blog I had to clear my iPad of photos and some videos, it was so clogged up I couldn’t do anything! Our lives too can get clogged up can’t they? So clogged up we have lost our joy maybe? May be not clogged up with bad things and we can be ever so ‘busy for the Lord’!
This week I lost my focus a bit, well a lot really. Recently I realised that next January I am due a bit of pension money (Yes I am that old!). Enough to put down a deposit on a new or nearly new car possibly. So I have spent all week ogling cars. I’ve become obsessed to the point where I stopped enjoying it and lost my peace! Even my son Sam said, ‘Dad can we stop talking about cars now’? (Just in case you like cars I will put the two models I fancy below and you can vote which one you like best!) See, I can’t help myself . .
I love Psalm 27 where it says:
One thing have I asked of the Lord,
that will I seek after:
that I may dwell in the house of the Lord
all the days of my life,
to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord
and to inquire[a] in his temple. Psalm 27:4

Everything we do must flow from one thing or else it will be all strain and push. Yes, there is grace and God always blesses, but if we are looking for abundant blessing in our ministries, in our work, family, whatever . . . it must all flow from one thing! At the centre of our lives, the top of our list, the thing we most eagerly desire must be  . . . to be in His presence!

Desire only to be in His presence
There is nothing wrong with desiring the joy that comes from being in His presence. Yes, sometimes it takes discipline, to get up and pray, sit still, put that worship music on, whatever. And yes, tough times can come, but even in the midst of these we can find peace and joy in His presence! There is such a thing as experiential learning . .the more we experience the Holy Spirit, the more we experience the Holy Spirit . . and yes it’s meant to be more and more, certainly not one off and rare experiences for a particular purpose. Yes, there is purpose, but it flows from relationship!

It’s the same Holy Spirit!
Recently I was in the Morrisons queue and the supervisor was chatting to the till person, saying how much her back hurt, then she wandered away. I said, ‘OK Lord if she comes back I will offer to pray with her’. She wandered somewhat closer as I put the last of my shopping in the trolley. I very nearly turned away, but just about summoned enough courage and went over to her and asked if I could pray for her back. She said yes, I was stood near her but didn’t feel it was right to ask to lay hands on her. I addressed the pain and the cause in Jesus name and suddenly we were both enveloped in the Holy Spirit. I can’t explain it but we were both stood staring at each other in a kind of wonder. And guess what? It was the same Holy Spirit I have encountered in worship! So not to be too mechanical or legalistic about it, is it possible these encounters come the more we seek to be in His presence, the more we seek the Holy Spirit? Is that the challenge for us and is that why David said, ‘One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek after’, because he knew this was the secret to the rest of his life?

Ok the cars . . just dreaming!
Jeep Renegade vs Skoda Yeti Outdoor . . what’s your vote? (click the pictures for more pictures . .)

ps we are having a bbq today at 3 food at 5 if you fancy coming . . let me know though 🙂

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