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Note Taking Bible Review and Tips

Note Taking Legacy
I have become fascinated recently with the idea of a bible to highlight and put notes in. I’m also attracted by the idea of making my note taking, ‘legacy’, ie to pass on to my children. Some of these bibles have extra pages for prayers/letters you can write to/for your children or use for extra notes. I did an obsessive amount research, (the fascination with pens did start to worry me) so I thought it might be worth sharing. Please feel free to email me any questions J

The Bibles:
Translations wise I’m going toward literal ie ESV NASB NKJV KJV . . ESV a more flowing read than NASB apparently . . I also like NLT for a legacy note taking/journal. I am going ESV, though you can find other translations for note takers . .

If you like the KJV, fantastic quality wide margin leather bibles here at very low cost (they only do KJV because of a particular theology they have, that’s fine though . . ) http://localchurchbiblepublishers.com/bibles/

My Favourite low priced option: Nice Leather Journaling Bible, no cross references though, review here buy here and have seen it as low as £24 on Ebay

An interesting option is Hendrickson’s loose leaf A4 Esv bible with massive margins, buy D shaped big binder, add A4 printed sermons or whatever, grow by adding binders over the years take out sections for a study or preach etc, buy here http://tinyurl.com/mhs3rky

My Favourite mid/high priced option: Crossway Wide Margin Black Top Grain Leather. There is a cheaper version of this bible, however this one has better paper and therefore can take the notes/highlighting with less bleeding and show through. Good review here buy here from Crossway at £105 or search Amazon/ebay/Barnes and Noble etc I am seeing it as cheap as £70 from the USA if you are prepared to wait longer for delivery . . eg Youtube review here


My favourite higher priced option is the Cambridge Wide Margin Reference Bible (£140). You can get a lower price Brown leather version which has red letters for words of Christ if that’s your thing (£55) – the three they do here Review here again search round for prices . .
Cambridge Black Leather Goatskin:

The Pens
The Pigma Micron is an archiving pen . . permanent, yet doesn’t bleed through!

Get several colours of above inc black

These highlighters are the best apparently for least/no bleed through


If you do find yourself attracted by this idea, then happy hunting!


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