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This will make you happy

November 28, 2013 Leave a comment
Will this make you happy?

. . actually there is a difference between happiness and joy. I pray that thinking on this Psalm will make us joyful, perhaps it will make us happy too!

I led the worship at St Mellitus College NW on Monday morning and we looked at Psalm 126. The amazing new translation below is by Brian Simmons. I have ordered serveral copies for Christmas presents.

Three reasons to rejoice:
Look where we have come from!
See others and ourselves, stepping into our destiny!
Arms full of sheaves!

And one reason we are weeping:
We sow from our absolute poverty

Psalm 126 NKJV or read below

Think where you have come from! Without Christ you could be proper messed up, dead even! I know someone like that, now rescued when they cried out to God. At one point in their lives they were kidnapped at gun point!

And this same person, just like you and me, now has a unique destiny, a special purpose to fulfill. When we see this destiny working out in our lives and in the lives of others it makes us rejoice and praise God! Even if, in our own lives, we are wondering what God is up to and we can’t see any evidence of that destiny, we can still know and be sure that God is working out His purposes for us!

And finally we can rejoice because we have arms full of sheaves! Or if we don’t we see others with armfuls! This is an unusual time of both harvesting and sowing. If we are not harvesting right now, take encouragement from others bringing in a haravest

We are weeping as we sow because our children are at home starving. We are sowing the last of all the seed we have! This seed could be used to make a last meal of bread at home or it could be sowed. The challenge to us is: Are you making bread at home or are you sowing. We are ALL called to sow, not just those recognized as ‘Evangelists’.

Bless you and may our hearts be full of joy today as we seek the harvest!



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