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Brill Birthday Yesterday!

Wow! I’m going to go on so much about what an ace birthday I had I think that the sick bucket will be needed!

Thank you Lord for yesterday, It was a first in that I led the 9-30 (mainly adult) service at St Peters for the first time. Man I was nervous. I wasn’t use to, well everything, including the remote mike thingy! And when I stepped up and looked out at around 300 faces with all the hub ub going on and the lights in my face, I nearly forgot what to say. People really encouraged me after and said it all was good! I interviewed three people who told their stories (NY resolution to read bible, meeting to chat and pray and go to pub in a four and meeting in a house group). Paul, our Vicar preached from Colossians 1 and 2  all about growing

Then it was off to my Dad’s and Joyce’s for lunch, we even had a cake! My bezzie mate and his wife and daughter unexpectedly popped up with a present for me and we had a real good old chat with lots of funnies

Then home, build a snowman with the kids, collapse into bed for an hour and then off to church again – and that was the highlight of the day. The worship band were just amazing, led by Eva from Ireland with her violin – so spirit filled! I just felt so warm all over with a kind of buzz going on that made me unsteady on my feet at times (thank you Holy Spirit) WOW! And a fantastic talk from Nigel, director of New English Orchestra about growth again. He was saying growth was God’s responsibility, but we can provide the right environment (soil) and the way growth happens eg Psalm 119:130, we read something in the bible or someone says something or something happens and we think YES! That was God! Also about how David Pawson said ‘operate within you faith and your faith will stretch’. We sometimes try for something too big and this can lack honesty and integrity and can result in disappointment . . so we don’t’ grow. I like that.

Then off home on a total high to a top notch steak and salad with a glass of two of Pinot Grigio, hug the kids, hug my wife, watch a great drama on TV, off to bed and the electric blanket!

Lord, I’m so grateful for life, thank you!


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  1. Sam
    January 26, 2013 at 8:27 am

    Wow i’m glad you had such an amazing.I enjoyed almost as much as you, Dad .
    I especially enjoyed making a snowman, look at it now!!!!
    Sam: )

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