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I’m Thirsty! Feed me!?

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Or do you know whether it’s drink or food you need? Jesus invites us to drink, at other times He invites us to a banquet, do we really know how to drink?

Do we really know where to go to drink?

Read: John 4, the Samaritan woman at the well

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Apparently when we first start to become thirsty we can mistake this for hunger . . . .

Apparently when we first start to become thirsty we can mistake this for hunger. We can even go and eat something to satisfy this thirst. It`s only later, as we get more thirsty, that we realise we need a drink of water!

This lady tells Jesus about the deep well and how Jacob made and used the well. She and her community are proud of this well, their heritage. This deep well was how they had always satisfied their thirst. Being a deep well, this was obviously a very good well and had been and remained a real blessing to the people that used it. My question is:

Do you sometimes mistake the need for water with the need for food? Or another way of looking at it, what well or wells are you drinking from? Where do you turn when you are thirsty? Where do turn when you are hungry? Just have a ponder, sometimes when we are hungry we eat chocolate instead of a good healthy meal. Think . . . in times of need, when things get too much, to what/whom do I turn . . . do I just go with where the mood takes me? Maybe you do read your bible and/or pray, yet you have no real peace, no increase in joy, so, you just labour on trying to do what`s right . . sorry to be so depressing here! I`m not asking we give ourselves a hard time. This is meant to get us thinking. Once you have some of your own thoughts, make a mental note, or better still write them down, so we can be ready to move on to the next step

This woman, had always done things a certain way, she was rightly proud of her people`s heritage, her well, etc. What Jesus did was to point out that this had fundamentally failed her in certain areas of her life(She had had a series of `husbands`, for example). She already knew that, `the Christ` was the answer she and her people were waiting for. She says, `the Christ`, would tell them all things! So she was saying, `look, once the Christ get`s here, everything is going to be ok for me you know, and not just for me, but for all of us`. So whilst labouring on with what she had, in some areas blessed, in others almost cursed, she had a hope. She had a thirst and a hope. (Do we have a thirst and a hope?)Jesus was saying there is a new way, a way which builds onto and adds to the old ways, a way that will really, really satisfy. She could drink without effort! Or drink and drink and ever be satisfied! In fact this drink is so good that just one sip will address any need! Drink deeper and we find peace, deeper still, real joy! Keep on drinking and before long you are tipsy and if you carry on, you can become drunk with it! Is there anything wrong with that? Don`t we want it? Shouldn`t we yearning for all that?

Sometimes it is hard for us to change where we go to drink. We may even be trying to go to the right place, getting our bible out, doing our reading, saying our prayers, yet not satisfied! This water we are meant to be drinking is so satisfying that it will fill us right up and then spill out everywhere. We become like a fountain or a stream, so full that we just overflow!

1. Let`s pray that God awakens our thirst, this may involve confessing where we have been turning to `drink`. Relying overly much on our own resources perhaps? (as good and useful these may be). Awaken us, Lord, to our need for you! Awaken hearts! Awaken hearts!

2. Go somewhere different. Perhaps try the Psalms. For example, read a short section of a Psalm slowly, several times. Wait for a verse or phrase to kind of jump out at you, or catch your eye. Stay with that verse or phrase. Determine in your mind to return to that phrase throughout the day. Ruminate, turn it over, come at it from different angles at various times during the day. See if God gently whispers something to you, like, `you are highly valued`, for example. The phrase could be from elsewhere, eg a song, `I`ll provide the sacrifice, you provide the fire`, `You provide the spirit, I will open up myself to you, Lord` Jesus Culture, `Awakening, live album here

3. When we provide space for us and your Father, He will not fail to communicate something significant into our hearts and minds. `Christ dwells richly in you`, for example. He dwells richly in us, for us, then for others. Because Christ dwells richly in us, others can receive, `Christ`, from you. All the things that we receive from our Daddy, affirmation, encouragement, wholeness, healing, provision, we can also give!

Finally, be with Him and you will be Him to others. And let`s not forget, when we enjoy being with Him, we just won`t be able to keep it to ourselves! Never the less, lets pray For courage to share as well . . .


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