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Impossible Situations Bowing the Knee!

February 15, 2012 Leave a comment

“We release grace, grace for the impossible cases to bow the knee to Jesus right now!”
I wondered why in this video (click below to play) the guy talked about releasing grace for healing. I guess I must have thought of grace only in the context of forgiveness/sanctification and that faith and/or annointing was for healing. I found this from Matthew Henry (Bible commentator from 1600’s), ‘He cures of the disease of corrupted nature by His renewing grace. When the Spirit sanctifies, he heals’. Wow! Thinking about this helped me and Emma as we were praying last night, prompted by some upset from the day. Our prayers and thoughts were about situations that connected across different people, each with their own difficulties. We asked God to extend His grace and mercy across these people to bring healing, peace and forgiveness. We also turned away from some wrong attitudes we had first expressed before we began to pray. Afterward we found we had peace and an assurance that God was handling things. So it got me to thinking, what are the steps we can take when faced with impossible situations? When you think about it, we can`t really totally fix any situation we face . . Why not watch the video, then spend some time with the Lord (and follow the steps if you wish)

Step 1 Tell your heavenly Father all about it, express your feelings, tell Him if you feel hurt or angry, disappointed, whatever.

Step 2 If there is anything you need to ask forgiveness for, do so

Step 3 Thank God for every person and every aspect of the situation, thus sanctifying it and making it all part of God`s good purposes. Also, this somehow submits us to God`s will, without, in any way, suggesting we submit to bad circumstances or bad outcomes . . (in thanking, you are not saying God brought about bad things). Remember that God works all things together for the good (Romans 8:28)

Step 3 Ask God to extend His grace and mercy over each part of the situation and over each person, in Jesus name! And don’t forget to ask for yourself as it may only be yourself you are praying for here.

Step 4 Make specific requests as you are led to do so, this could be for strength, courage, for healing, for the ability to forgive (for yourself or between people), provision, for joy, etc

Step 5 As you close, ask the Lord to enable you to release all to Him and to rest in the peace He gives

Finally . .
Why not write down what you asked the Lord for? Next time you come to pray, you can be encouraged by what the Lord has done!

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