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New Year Encouragement


We were reading from Luke 1 in church last week, when verse 38 stirred a memory or something . .

`Then Mary said, Behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let it be to me according to your word. And the angel departed from her.` Luke 1:38 NKJV

The angel was speaking Mary`s destiny to her or God`s purposes for her life and the world. Have you thought about God`s purposes for your life recently? Don`t forget the devil would like to thwart these purposes. So how can we get back in the right `position` as it were to begin, once again, to be moving forward in the purposes God has for us? A number of things might be happening, we could be afraid, we may have lost hope or we may be in rebellion, or a bit of all three! Allow me to encourage you . .

Firstly notice that God takes a massive risk here with Mary. The birth of Jesus is not a foregone conclusion, it depends on Mary`s agreement! Wow! Imagine that, God`s rescue plan hanging on the decision of a girl probably aged no more than fifteen or so. She could have just said, `am a bovered?` And that`s the question, are you bothered? Am I really bothered? Or have I got my own plans and ideas, thank you very much. That`s rebellion for you! I have found that if I don`t submit to God`s best for me, he won`t let me alone! He never give up and will use any and every circumstance in life to try and get us to return. So if you are in the midst of something difficult, just give it up my friend! Don`t tire yourself out battling away, when there is a blessed restful place in God`s good purposes waiting for you! And remember God chooses you to carry out His great plans!

Mary was no doubt afraid and unlike the men folk she probably had not had the same depth of scriptural teaching and therefore would not understand just what God had planned for her. So her declaration was very brave and trusting, particularly as being pregnant out of wedlock was going to bring a lot of trouble. Can we say, let it be as you have said God? So let`s pray for courage.

May be you have lost hope? You can`t even remember God speaking to you, you are unsure if you have a destiny . . Jeremiah 29:11 talks about how God knows the plans He has for you and how these are good plans. So let’s pray for hope to rise once again!

There`s a song that says, `there`s an army rising up, that will break every chain . .` So let`s rise up with courage, hope and humility in 2012!

Andy and family wish you every blessing for 2012!

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