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Perfect Beauty

It seems that everyone is striving for perfect beauty! Adverts and multi million pound industries are devoted to promoting and finding it. Well good news! God shows us his idea of perfect beauty in the bible and everyone can be it

“Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty,
God will shine forth.”
Psalm 50 v 2

If we were writing this we would write that God is the perfection of beauty. In the inspired word,
the perfection of beauty, Zion, is prophetic and figurative of the worshipping community. It’s that community, coming into the presence of the Lord, which is the perfection or completion of beauty. Also, completion (of what God designed in the first place) or perfection of beauty is the presence of the Lord resting on the people of God, in romance and in intimacy. The people of God exalting and honouring Jesus and God calls this the perfection of beauty! It wasn’t complete until you started worshipping. You were written into his definition of beauty! You were written into his description! It’s not complete or perfect, until people like you, made in God’s image, are worshipping by choice.

So, God’s idea of the perfection of beauty is the people of God worshiping in romance and intimacy. More than that though, it’s personal. There is a unique worship that only you can give, that goes to a place in God’s heart, that only you can fill. That’s how special you are! Inspired by Bill Johnson, Senior Pastor, Bethel Church, California

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