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God and Me 1 the devil 0

These last few weeks God has been teaching me about my fears and how to react. Such a difficult area, because, I am always inclined to reach for those old comforts – seeking, overly much, approval from others, for example. At work there are those that support me, (some of whom are Christians) and the one or two people who don’t, or even seek to undermine.  In the wider family context we can find that we are subject to control instead of love, in those areas where we seek reassurance, for example. In those situations, where we are especially vulnerable, it can be confusing. Just how should we react at the time? How do we deal with those feelings that linger after the event?

I love going onto the ibethel site and listening to the worship music, often times someone gives a mini message before the worship starts. Last Sunday Bill Johnson gave a brilliant one based on these two verses from Psalm 5

But let all those rejoice who put their trust in You;
Let them ever shout for joy, because You defend them;
Let those also who love Your name
Be joyful in You.
For you, O Lord, will bless the righteous;
With favour you will surround him as with a shield Psalm 5:11-12

Click on the picture above if you want to hear Bill Johnson say it

My notes on Bill Johnson: It’s gonna be fun in Heaven cos you are going to see all the times when God saved you from a car accident or from doing something really stupid ‘Bless the righteous with favour . .’ expecting God’s favour to increase,are we expecting it? The favour of God surrounds us like a shield. The favour of Lord is described by the bible as the face of God – He is around you, delighting in you, Lamenetations –  he is so excited by the love relationship He has with you that he leaps in the air twisting and turning – repentance means change of mind or how/what yoiu think so think on this! Pray that you will have a consciousness of the favour of God. Proverbs* – person with a gift prospers – because you are aware of favour=increase in effectiveness – instead of lucky, say no! That’s the hand of God in my life! His favour in your life. He chose you by name, you can’t get away from the smile of the Lord on you, whichever way you turn!

Some thoughts from me: If the foundation for our approval, purpose and need for love is in God, as demonstrated by this Psalm, then we will find that we have a different immediate reaction in those situations where people seek to undermine or disapprove. God’s love will truly be a shield. More than that, we may begin to see that person as God sees them: also in need of love and approval. In time we may even be able to seek to minister to them! Wow! Imagine that! The devil means it for bad, you and God turn it round and extend His heavenly kingdom, God and me 1 Devil 0, woohoo!

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